The World Court of Justice
The Alternative to Wars, Terrorism and Politics

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The purpose of the World Court of Justice is:

  1. to provide means of resolution of disputes between individuals and groups of individuals and specifically between individuals and established national governments on the basis of truth, honesty and justice,
  2. to protect all people on earth from any form of violence and injustice inflicted on them by others and specifically by established national governments, and
  3. to set standards of objectivity, impartiality, and formal judicial reasoning for the presently existing legal systems.

The World Court of Justice provides at present two types of service: (1) resolution of disputes by use of automated adversarial procedure and (2) clarification of issues in international disputes.

Resolution of disputes is performed by the disputing parties by presenting their cases at the Case Registry.

Clarification of issues in international disputes is performed by publication of documents aimed at clarification of issues underlying international disputes with a view to resolution of such disputes on the basis of justice. The Court documents can be viewed at the Documents Registry.

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Truth and Justice Publications Ltd - Printed books and publications related to the World Court of Justice and the principles on which it is based.

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